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One distinguishing feature of Adelphi Paper Hangings wallpapers is the intensity of color; this is impart due to the matte paint surface. When viewed microscopically, the surface appears multi-leveled and uneven. This results in a myriad of values in color – bright on the upper most surface, darker where the color is in the shadows.

Most standard commercial wallpapers are printed with very even, one dimensional finish.

Because of this traditional paint surface, extra care must be given to its handling. Small marks and scuffs may sometimes be removed with a drawing cleaning pad, available through art supply firms.

At a client’s request the wallpaper can be sent out for a stain protective treatment prior to delivery. While this process does not result in a surface which “washable” it will decrease the chance of staining from general wear and errant paste from the installation.

A set of Application Guidelines is included with each outgoing order. These guidelines discuss surface preparation, lining, trimming and paste recommendations. If a paper hanger is unfamiliar with our product the are welcome to contact Adelphi with their questions.