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Hedge House Stripe

This charming stripe pattern was discovered in a small closet of the historic 1809 Hedge House in Plymouth, Massachusetts. The ell in which it was found includes several chambers known to have been modernized in the 1860s to included plumbing and gas lighting. When the Plymouth Antiquarian Society decided to restore two adjoining rooms to … Continued

Georgetown Medallion

This relatively modest pattern was uncovered during the renovation of a home in Georgetown, Delaware. Originally machine printed, it contains elements of both an earlier aesthetic and hints of the direction in which wallpaper design was to develop. The use of highly defined imitation plaster or stucco motifs echoes neoclassical devices of the early 1800s, … Continued


This late century American-made paper was found in the Manse at Deerfield, Massachusetts. Its stylized abstraction of a floral design is inspired by the popular English interpretation of Japanese designs known as “Anglo-Japanesque.” The ground color of the historic colorway had the poetic name “ashes of roses.” By the 1860s machine roller printing began to … Continued

Chateau de Mores Spiral

The Gilded Age Chateau de Mores in Medora, North Dakota, was built in 1883 as a summer home and hunting lodge for the French aristocrat, the Marquis de Mores. The 26-room home was decorated by his wife primarily with American-made products designed in the fashionable Eastlake style. Undoubtedly, a wide variety of wallpapers would have … Continued