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How much will it cost to paper an average size room?

There are several variables at play here so are no easy answers. By “average” potential clients are usually referring to a room requiring anywhere from 10 to 20 rolls. And our prices are determined by the number of printed colors; each color requires a separate session on the press. The more colors the higher the cost.

Is it safe to use this wallpaper in a bathroom?

Because of the matte surface of our paint we do not recommend installing Adelphi wallpapers in a “working” bathroom – one with a shower or tub and high humidity. Powder rooms, on the other hand, are acceptable. As additional protection, the paper can be given a treatment to provide stain resistance; this treatment is also recommended for kitchen projects.

Can I install the paper on my own?

If a client is newcomer to paperhanging we always advise them to hire an installer. The paper stock and paint require an added level of care and precision for a successful result. On the other hand, someone with patience and a knack for exacting detail could conceive of tackling the project. Generally clients opt for a professional.

Is there a special kind of paste to use?

We have had the best luck with clear, premixed, heavy duty pastes. A set of Application Guidelines accompany all order; these guidelines list the suitable commercial adhesives.

Is a lining paper necessary?

While not absolutely essential we do recommend use of a lining paper. Lining papers absorb moisture from the paste and reduce the chance of staining or “blushing”.

Does Adelphi keep any wallpapers in stock?

No, all patterns are printed to order; the only paper we have in stock is for sampling.

I found some old wallpaper in our home, under a layer of paneling. Can Adelphi reproduce this if I send a photograph?

If the wallpaper dates from sometime after the late 19th century it is unlikely that Adelphi would be able to reproduce it with the block printing method. Later patterns are best replicated with either digital or screen printing. 

If you are unsure of the date of origin then the first step in answering this is to send a photographs of the pattern to our website. One image should include a full repeat of the design, if it exists. A second image, a close up with details of the paint surface will help us determine the original production method and whether it is one which was, or can be block printed. Including a measurement scale, tape measure or yard stick in the photo is useful.

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