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What border would you recommend for this paper?

This is a question we are frequently asked by clients- both museum curators and private home owners – when they considering an appropriate trim for a room. Unfortunately, there is not always an easy answer. While some of our sidewall patterns were found with an accompanying border it is not always the case.

Richard Nylander, retired senior curator from Historic New England in Boston and author of Wallpaper in New England (along with Elizabeth Redmond and Penny Sander), has reviewed our sidewall paper offerings and made suggestions for historic choices for borders and friezes. Not all sidewall patterns have recommendations.

Border recommendations are listed at the end of each pattern description; the following list gives the same information.


O = This border is original to the sidewall pattern
A = This border and colorway, though not originally used with this pattern, are appropriate.
AC = Appropriate design with color changes


Butterfly ChintzA-Egg and Dart
Chestertown VineAC-Buck-Bacchus, Cable Chain, Mock Flock, Floret Border, Strawberry Hill Border
Everard DamaskA-Egg and Dart; AC-Cable Chain, Mock Flock, Walpole Border
Everard MedallionA-Egg and Dart; AC-Floret Border, Buck-Bacchus, Cable Chain, Strawberry Hill Border
Ipswich SprigA-Floret Border; AC-Buck-Bacchus, Cable Chain
Norton Conyers DiamondA-Cable Chain, Egg and Dart
PagodaO-Floret Border
Parson Smith Pillar and ArchAC-Egg and Dart Border
Sayward GothicAC-Mock Flock, Buck-Bacchus, Cable Chain
Strawberry Hill FloretAC-Cable Chain
Strawberry Hill PlaidO-Strawberry Hill Border
Strawberry Hill QuatrefoilAC-Cable Chain
Walpole DamaskO-Walpole Border
Webb House DamaskAC-Cable Chain, Mock Flock, Buck-Bacchus
West St. Mary’sA-Egg and Dart; AC-Floret Border


1776A-Diana Border
Arabesque PigeonsO-Garland and Tassel, LeBaron Border
Arthur and Robert StripeO-Anthemion Border
BacchusA-Rose and Sprig Border, Lamb’s Tongue Border; AC-Garland and Tassel Frieze & LeBaron Border
Berrien House SprigA-Rose and Sprig, Lamb’s Tongue Border
Boston Floral StripeA-Rose and Sprig, Lamb’s Tongue Border
Concord Stripe and VineA-Rose and Sprig, Lamb’s Tongue
DianaO-Diana Border
Hamilton UrnA-Diana Border
Hamilton Urn StenciledA-Diana Border
Laurel TrellisA-Cross Banded Border, Lamb’s Tongue Border , Reveillon Border
Locust Grove ArabesqueO-Locust Grove Frieze
Otis Federal StripeO-Otis Federal Chain
Parakeets and PearlsA-Cross Banded Border, Lamb’s Tongue Border, Reveillon Border
Plymouth Stripe and VineA-Otis Federal Chain, Rose and Sprig
Reveillon Arabesque #600AC-Reveillon Border
Reveillon Arabesque #810O-Homewood Border
Reveillon DamaskO-Reveillon Border
Stars and SquaresA-Rose and Sprig
Urns and MedallionsAC-Laurel Harlequin Border
Votive Goddess ArabesqueA-Reveillon Border, Homewood Border


Adena Pin RingA-Rose and Sprig, LeBaron Border, King Caesar Border, Otis Federal Chain
Bamboo and DraperyAC-Moses Grant Border
Bees and StarsA -Reveillon Border, Lamb’s Tongue Border, Greek Key Border (grey), Ribbon Border
Berrien House TrellisO -Berrien House Dentil Border; AC– Greek Key
Bixby Vine and DraperyAC– Moses Grant Border
Blue Hill StripeAC – Cowing House Border, Laurel Harlequin Border
Coffered RosetteA – Greek Key Border (grey)
Fancy AshlarA – Prentiss House Border, Lion Frieze, Peony Frieze
French WaveO-Orbes Directoire
Franklin StripeO– Franklin Border, Franklin Frieze
King Caesar StripeO – King Caesar Border
Laurel HarlequinO -Laurel Harlequin Border
Madison DamaskAC – Greek Key Border, Van Cortlandt Border
Moses Grant StripeO -Rose and Sprig Border
NetO – Gimp Border or Frieze
Pebbles and FlowerpotsO – Festoon Border
Plymouth AshlarAC– Greek Key Border
Prince-Rollins MarbleA– Hermitage Leaf Border, Lion Frieze, Van Cortlandt Border
Ribbon SprigA– Sayre Sawtooth Border, Sayre Arcade, Laurel Harlequin Border, Moses Grant Border


Ada HarrisA – Greek Key Border, AC – Cowing House Border
Bull’s Head MedallionAC – Laurel Harlequin Border, Greek Key Border
Chevron and LaurelA – Greek Key Border
Circle OrnamentAC – Laurel Harlequin Border, Moses Grant Border
Coffered SquaresAC – Laurel Harlequin Border
Collins Place MedallionAC – Cowing House Border
FlowerbasketsAC – Greek Key Border
French CofferedA -Hermitage Leaf Border, Van Cortlandt Border
Neoclassical SquaresAC – Cowing House Border
Ornament and StripeAC – Laurel Harlequin Border
Pawprints and StripeAC – Laurel Harlequin Border, Cowing House Border
Toile de la FontaineO -Lilac Border
Van Cortlandt RosetteO -Van Cortlandt Border
Vine and PaisleyO – Greek Key Border, Grapevine Freize
Virchaux DraperyO – Virchaux Swan Frieze


Beall FoliateA – Bead and Reel Border, Pearl Border
Bellingham Cary VineA – Bead and Reel Border, AC – Palmette Border
Hermitage Maple LeafO – Hermitage Leaf Border, A – Prentiss House Border, Van Cortlandt Border, Lion Frieze, Peony Frieze
Hermitage VineA – Hermitage Leaf Border, Prentiss House Border, Van Cortlandt Border, Lion Frieze, Peony Frieze, Lilac Border
Persian VoluteA – Bead and Reel Border, AC -Palmette Border
PineapplesA – Hermitage Leaf Border
Renaissance StrapworkAC – Bead and Reel Border
VoluteAC  Bead and Reel Border
Wheatlands VoluteA – Bead and Reel Border