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Berrien House Knotted Drapery

Construction of the Savannah house of Revolutionary veteran John Berrien was started in 1791; within a decade of its completion this decidedly graphic pattern was installed in a staircase. Like several other patterns from the Berrien House, this one shares both motif and structural aspects with papers from Philadelphia and therefore a similar attribute seems plausible. This first … Continued

Virchaux Drapery

This stylized drapery pattern and its coordinating Swan Frieze (a separate border) were designed by the internationally known architect Josef Ramée, in Philadelphia. Ramée, who had previous wallpaper manufacturing experience while in Belgium, entered into partnership with Henry Virchaux, a French émigré printer working in Philadelphia. This paper was one of many they submitted for … Continued

Bixby Vine & Drapery

The Bixby Vine and Drapery pattern is similar to patterns being printed by Moses Grant, Jr. during the same time period. Nevertheless, it is thought that the document of this pattern was probably not from the Grant factory but was a copy. Two examples are known to exist. One is found lining a hide covered … Continued

Bamboo and Drapery

Bamboo and Drapery was printed by Moses Grant Jr., a highly successful Boston manufacturer. His papers have been identified in Charleston and Philadelphia as well as in New England, indicating a well developed distribution network. Grant offered a wide range of patterns including the latest fashions from France. This pattern combines two very popular design … Continued