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Westwood Gothic

The pointed arch, one of the most popular motifs of the Gothic Revival period, was thought to convey a sense of spirituality and harken to back to a earlier, more romantic time. Needless to say, it is amply evident in this pattern. Like the Gothic cathedrals which inspired it the piercing of the tracery serves … Continued

Parson Smith Pillar and Arch

Perhaps our favorite of this type of pattern, the Parson Smith document has a fluidity absent from many pillar and arch designs. Though the fragments were discovered in a closet of the South Windham residence these were obviously leftovers from the another space, most likely the hallway. NOTE: With this pattern clients should expect some … Continued

Dundurn Castle Gothic

Although it is uncertain in which of the seventy-two rooms of Dundurn Castle this pattern was installed, it seems likely to have been a bedroom or similarly modest-sized room rather than a larger public room. When Adelphi staff first viewed photographs of the fragment – but before we viewed the actual document – we imagined … Continued