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King Caesar Stripe

American, circa 1800-1810

This pattern is licensed to Adelphi Paper Hangings by Historic New England. The reproduction was commissioned by Boscobel House and Gardens, Garrison, New York.


This wallpaper was used in the parlor of the King Caesar House in Duxbury, Massachusetts. It is a copy of an original French paper, although the pattern is reversed, as was typical when patterns were traced and copied. (The original French version is installed at Gore Place in Waltham, MA.) Fortunately, the American version was well-crafted, which is not always the case with copies.

The harlequin style leaf and stripe motif, on its own, reads as a graphic two dimensional pattern. By juxtaposing this element with a three dimensional column of leaves loosely bound with a decorative ribbon, the characteristics of both are enhanced. The strong verticality make it a fine choice for a hall, staircase or high ceiled parlor or dining room.

Reproduction of King Caesar Stripe was commissioned by Boscobel House and Gardens.

Imperial Measurements: Repeat 21 ½ inches, width 21 ½ inches, length 11 yards, straight match.

Metric Measurements: 54.6 cm, 54.6 cm, 10 m.


Border Pairing

King Caesar Border

American, circa 1800-1810


Samples are available for all Adelphi Paper Hangings patterns. Standard pattern samples are 12 inches by 23 inches and are available for $15. for each pattern. Small samples, business envelope size, are available on request, at no charge (limited to 10 per customer).

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Pattern Reproduction

Color choices for our patterns are not limited to those shown.

All Adelphi patterns can be custom colored to better acknowledge the paper's context. Additional lead time is required for all custom work.

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