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Laurel Harlequin

American (Boston) circa 1811-1817

This pattern is licensed to Adelphi Paper Hangings by Historic New England.


This lovely geometric pattern was printed by Moses Grant Jr. and was found in the 2nd Harrison Gray Otis House, designed by Charles Bulfinch and built on Beacon Hill about 1800. The Otis’s moved from this house about 1806 and the paper was probably installed by Mrs. George Gibbs, a wealthy Newport widow, shortly after she bought the house in 1810.

The somewhat abstract, geometric Harlequin styles were popularized by the French about 1800; American printers, emulating the latest French fashion, printed many of these harlequin patterns from 1800-1820. The harlequin effect is achieved by splitting motifs symmetrically and printing each half into a contrasting color.

Imperial Measurements: Repeat 11 ¼ inches, width 21 ¾ inches, length 11 yards, straight match.

Metric Measurements: 28.3 cm, 55.2 cm, 10 m.


Border Pairing

Laurel Harlequin Border

American, circa 1810-1820


Samples are available for all Adelphi Paper Hangings patterns. Standard pattern samples are 12 inches by 23 inches and are available for $15. for each pattern. Small samples, business envelope size, are available on request, at no charge (limited to 10 per customer).

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Pattern Reproduction

Color choices for our patterns are not limited to those shown.

All Adelphi patterns can be custom colored to better acknowledge the paper's context. Additional lead time is required for all custom work.

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