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Pineapples – Sheila Bridges

American, circa 1830-1845


Adelphi Paper Hangings asked designer Sheila Bridges to create custom colorways for five historical wallpapers.  Read more about Sheila Bridges and what inspired her to create the colorways. 

This exuberant paper was discovered covering a wooden bandbox made by Hannah Davis, who worked in Jaffrey, New Hampshire between 1825 and 1855. Well known for her carefully made hat and bandboxes, Davis is also credited with designing a machine to cut thin sheets of wood for the sides of her boxes.

The Pinapples pattern probably dates from the late 1830s to the mid-1840s. It relates closely to a number of patterns found in upstate New York, Vermont, and New Hampshire, including Adelphi’s Ada Harris and Middlefield Sprig patterns, all of which have a similar spray of leaves on stems in the background and pointed lozenge shapes. Pineapples was also printed with a bright green varnish, which was also very popular in the 1840s.

Please note: Pineapples is a “seasonal”  pattern for us.  When printing the green varnish of the leaves, doors and windows must be kept open for ventilation.  Therefore,  we can only print this during our warm months, May through September.  We do offer an alternate version which uses our standard matte distemper paint, rather than a varnish; this is available throughout the year.


Imperial Measurements: Repeat 18 ¾ inches, width 18 ¾ inches, length 11 yards, straight match.

Metric Measurements: 47.6 cm, 47.6 cm, 10 m.



Samples are available for all Adelphi Paper Hangings patterns. Standard pattern samples are 12 inches by 23 inches and are available for $15. for each pattern. Small samples, business envelope size, are available on request, at no charge (limited to 10 per customer).

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Pattern Reproduction

Color choices for our patterns are not limited to those shown.

All Adelphi patterns can be custom colored to better acknowledge the paper's context. Additional lead time is required for all custom work.

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